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[IPp] Insertion Anxiety (was Digest #848)

We had the same problem you're having.  It went away, but it has since
come back.  Emma will not use Emla because she doesn't like the way it
"itches" as it numbs, and she will scream when we take off the IV3000.
We tried using that Glad Press n' Seal on it, but she still couldn't get
over the itch.  

We also used to use the Silhouette's, but have switched to the Tender
Mini.  Still a  long needle, but not quite.  We've had a lot less
crimping problems with these as well.  That helps, because we were
having to change her out more frequently.  Have you thought of trying
the Animas Insets?  You can't see the insertion at all.  I hear they're
really great, although they're 90 degree sets, which may not work for

We don't use the inserter.  We've tried it, but it's just too fast and
we always got a crimped needle and a sad kid. Lately I have been doing
site changes on Emma at night while she sleeps.  This is her favorite
way of doing it.  She never even remembers it.  If we do have to do it
while she's awake, she has to have her sister "rumble" her.  Madeline
pounds on her back to distract her.  We always do sites on her back end
since sites on her tummy don't stay in, and that helps as well.  It's
better if they can't see what's going on.

Hope you find something that works for you.  Sometimes, it's not easy. 

Catherine, mom to:
Madeline - 10  Austin  - 9
Emma  - 5  (dx 10/9/02 - pumping Cozmo)
Abigail - 4  Genevieve & Gracie - 2
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