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[IPp] Re: pop-digest V1 #848

"We use the Silhouette insertion set and the needle is quite long and 
very visible. We have toyed with the idea of switching insertion sets, 
but he is very active and I fear the others will result in more changes 
due to inadvertenant removals."

My daughter Ginnie (14)  used the silhouettes for a few months because 
she is so thin and plays basketball. She always hated the long needle 
and would have to "psych" her self up to do the insertion (with the help 
of an inserter). We now use the Insets from Animas. They are a 90 degree 
set, but we have only had one pull out due to some very rough horseplay. 
We do them in her upper buttocks without any numbing cream. This is a 
child who screamed when getting routine shots at the doctors at 11 years 
old. Also, do not take the old site out until the new site is in. We put 
in the new site then switch the pump over, then it doesn't matter how 
long it takes to take the old site out.
Dianne W.
Mom to Ginnie, 14, dxd 6/2/2003, pumping Animas 2/9/2004
and John III, 18
Wife to John Jr, Type 2
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