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Re: [IPp] site infections

Hi Charlotte,
Do you use a Tegaderm or IV3000 occlusive dressing before the Tincture? Or
Tinture on the skin, then directly on top of that the set? Right now we put
the set down and then a Tegaderm or IV3000 over it. My son swims competetively
too and our sites often loosen and sometimes lift. Where do you find Unisolve?
Thanks so much in advance for your help.
Valerie Christy in California
Mom to Dakota 6 (pumping Cozmo 1 year Jan. 8th!!! )
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  I'm almost afraid to post this because maybe it'll jinx us, but in 4 years
  and 10 months of pumping, Annie has never had one single site
  infection.  She's a competitive swimmer who spends much time in pools and
  lakes--and when time allowed, she used to love hours-long baths in the
  company of an assortment of plastic creatures and dolls. The bath water
  would get cold and gray before she was ready to get out!  She and I can
  recall 3 times in all these years that a set pulled off, and only once was
  it water-related.  And her sites have consistently healed without problems.
  It may be luck that's kept her free of infection, but maybe it's our
  routine:  When we remove a set, we soak it with a Unisolve pad for a couple
  of minutes, slip it off in the opposite direction from how it went in, and
  scrub away the remaining gorilla snot and adhesive with the same pad (the
  Unisolve pad is slightly rough and she says it feels good to safely
  "scratch" the area with it once the set is gone).
  Then we wipe the area with a clean alcohol pad, and rub in a little triple
  antibiotic ointment.  We've also been known to forget and leave an old site
  attached for several more days before we REMEMBER to remove it--a real
  problem if she does disconnect for any reason and then can't recall which
  site we were still using!  For several years we often used a good site for
  a week, but we try now to change them every 3-5 days, just so their
  effectiveness doesn't begin to diminish and her numbers don't creep up as a
  BTW, tummy sites just never worked well for Annie, too much bending and
  movement caused bent cannulas or discomfort.  She uses her upper rear end
  and hips exclusively, a much more stable environment apparently.
  Hope this is helpful!
  Unisolve is also great for cleaning off bandaid stickum, street tar,
  chewing gum, permanent ink, paint, and many other things.  I don't know how
  it is so effective and yet so gentle to a child's tender skin!
  We are only on our 2nd two-ounce bottle of Tincture of Benzoin in 4+
  years.  We use a Q-tip to apply and a little dab'll do it!  Let it get
  slightly dry and tacky before putting down the set, then use an alcohol
  wipe to clean away the excess around the edges so the site is pretty!
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