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Re: [IPp] Re: Soaking in bath tub

In a message dated 1/11/2005 10:05:42 AM Eastern Standard Time,  
email @ redacted writes:

My  daughter usually takes a shower but I got some fun bath beads for  
Since I cannot use them(I am expecting in 2 weeks) she wanted to  use them. 
now her site is in her "toush". She soaked in the tub last  night and the 
before. She is due for a site change this evening. When  she got out of the 
last evening, I noticed it looked as if ther was  moisture under the tape and
around the tiny tubing in her skin. Can any of  you more experienced pumpers 
me if I should have changed it right  away??? THat way I will know for the
future. I have told my daughter that  taking baths probably is not a good
idea--not long ones with bath beads  anyway. SHe seemed to be OK with that--I
told her it would really be like a  treat to take a bath with beads.

My son loves to take baths, and he loves to have something that smells good  
in the tub too.  We stay away from bath oil beads, but he loves the fizzie  
 bath balls and they don't cause any problems with his sites at all. Of course,
YMMV.  He takes a bath every day, and I never worry about it  anymore.  We 
always do a site change after a bath, and I always use a prep  wipe to prepare 
the area, wiping about a 4 inchsquare area.  He uses an  IV-3000 patch on top 
of his skin, then the infusion set goes on top.  In  the summer, when his is 
swimming on swim team and for meets, we add spray  bandaid on the edges of the 
IV-3000, which is the only way his sites would stay  in for three days.  
The tape gets wet all the time, but it doesn't come off or move. If it  were 
to loosen, I would probably change the site because you can't be sure if  the 
cannula is in proper position.  Hope this helps!!
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