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Re: [IPp] Re: Cracks in Tubing/Quicksets

I missed this first email so here I go.  Stephanie uses the COZMO with the
Quicksets.  After using these for over a year, we had our first problem with
the tubing, it cracked at the luer.  And she isn't rough with it, she wears
it in a cell phone holder (she uses the Cozmonitor) and never has any
problems.  I love the quicksets and I saw the Deltec is coming out with
something similiar in the spring.  Sometimes though the tubing will have
small flaws that look like bubbles, so we just fill the tubing to make sure
and we're good to go.  Hope this helps.

mom to Stephanie, age 13, dx'd at 4
pumping since 8/11/03 (COZMO)
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Date: 01/10/05 17:36:11
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Subject: [IPp] Re: Cracks in Tubing/Quicksets

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Hi Jan,

My 3-yo daughter Sigrid has worn a Cozmo for almost 2 years now, and we
have only used the MiniMed Quicksets.  Bubbles in the line have been
rare for us; no idea whether this is dumb luck or whether we're
actually doing something right.  Sigrid has always worn her pump
horizontally in a belt pouch at her waist (waist size currently about
19 inches) - we have had some pouches I made (with a velcro'd flap top,
rather like a bike messenger bag) and some that we bought from
www.pump-pouch.com (with a zipper closure at the top).  Both types of
pouches allow for the stem to stick straight out one corner at the top
of the pouch without getting bent.  I have always assumed that the luer
lock connection (or  the little plastic stem right at the base of the
tubing, just above the luer lock) is probably the weak point of the
system, so we try not to bend the tubing there - we always put the pump
into the pouch with the stem side at the top edge.  There is always
excess tubing but rather than wrap it around the pump, we just tuck it
into her pants.

Good luck solving this mystery - do let us know how you fix it!

- Maria O.

On Jan 5, 2005, at 11:38 AM, pop-digest wrote:

> Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2005 22:53:01 -0600
> From: Jan <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IPp] Cracks in Tubing/Quicksets
> Hello all and Happy New Year!
> I am having a problem and am hoping somebody here has a suggestion.
> Maddie has only used the MiniMed Quicksets with her Deltec Cozmo pump
> since her pump start in May.  ...  We have always had bubbles in
> the tube, but I assumed it was because of operator error (I'm the
> operator).  However, the last couple of boxes of Quicksets have
> developed large areas of air - even after priming it a couple times in
> the same day.  I finally discovered that the cloudiness in the tubing
> right at the Leur lock was actually small cracks and eventually they
> have even cracked to the point of being able to feel the crack with my
> nail. ... I think the
> problem is that Maddie likes to wear her pump close to her and pretty
> tight against her in a horizontal pouch.  I think the tubing is
> getting bent there, causing the cracks.
> ...
> So...is anyone else having a problem with air in your Quickset tubing?
>  If so, what kind of pump do you use?  Anybody noticed cracks or
> cloudiness in the tubing?  Does anyone have any suggestions for me?
> Are all infusion sets made the same way as far as the tubing and leur
> lock being so exposed to getting bent?
> - --
> Jan, Mom to Maddie, age 7, dx'd T1D 4/16/03, pumping Cozmo 5/7/04 and
> doing fabulous!
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