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Re: [IPp] Question about Anesthesia

My son had to have four teeth pulled, the dentist did two at a time, one  
month apart.  Used Novocaine, did not put him under.  We checked blood  sugar 
 right before he went to the room for the procedure, ran him at about 150 to be
safe.  The procedures  took less than a half hour each, he had  no 
 complications, no change in blood sugars afterward. He had to be on a liquid
diet for
two days each time, we gave him a lot of chicken noodle soup and  milk shakes 
 (homemade with yoghurt, 2% milk, banana, strawberries and a little orange juice
to sweeten).  He did very well overall.
I would ask if it was necessary to be put under, if so, I would ask to  
 remain in the room during the procedure to monitor her blood sugar. Question
if she is unconscious from the anesthesia and needs sugar, what  would they do?
I would be interested to know how this turns out for you in case we  ever 
have to do the same.
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