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RE: [IPp] site infections

 Maybe you could try using her rear end area more so than the hip. I don't think
this would interfere at all with elastic areas of rubbing.

Mom to Cleo 9~dx 3/04 ~Pumping Minimed since 11/15/04!

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Hello - My daughter, Ailsa (18 months old) seems to be
getting recurrent infections at the infusion sites. 
She may have a new infection, making the total 3 in 3
months.  The first 2 required 10 days of antibiotics
to clear.

We have been on the Animas 1200 since 9/30/04.  We
started off with the Comfort kit, got the first
infection, switched to the Tender-Mini, which we still
use.  As far as I can tell, the trigger for her
infections seems to be friction - specifically,
elastic from her diapers rubbing on the site.  We
always use a tegaderm (occlusive dressing) to cover
the site and do not take it off except to change the
site.  We have 3 different types of diapers to try to
tailor the cut of the elastic to the site location,
but this time a 30 minute session in the pool for swim
class and subsequent rubbing from the swimsuit leg
elastic may be the culprit.  

Does anyone have any brilliant ideas for dealing with
pumps in kids with diapers?  The pump has been
otherwise amazing and her hypoglycemic episodes are so
infrequent now that we're off shots.  I really don't
want to give up the pump, but the infections are so
frequent, I'm scared of the outcome of all  of this.

Thanks - Octavia, mom of Ailsa, dx'd at 11 months
6/04, pumping since 9/04

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