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My son had many stomach aches, lots of runny poop and smelly poop...and leg
neuropathy.  Also skin rashes and eventually wasn't really gaining weight
anymore.  My endo kept saying that goes with the territory for diabetes
(were dx a year before the celiac dx), but I insisted his pediatrician test
him for celiac and he came back positive.  Since going GF, he is a different
child, digestively speaking :)  I also learned through the process that I
have celiac as well and since the medical community feels that celiac is
probably the trigger for many other autoimmune illnesses, I feel like his
diagnosis may have saved my life!  Carla Logan

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Can someone tell me the symptoms of Celiac and what made you have your
child tested? My 5yr old who was diagnosed in June of 03 with Type 1
diabetes has been having alot of unexplained stomach aches and I'm
curious to see if it could be Celiac.


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will eliminate this header from your IP mail > >It is important for any
parent worrying about Celiac disease in their children >to realize that
the blood tests to screen for it are not 100 percent accurate. >They will
miss a considerable number of celiac kids.  My daughter was one of >them
the first time she was tested; her celiac wasn't picked up until over
>four years after her symptoms were very obvious, with the result that
lots of >damage was done to her body. > >Here is just one of many
peer-reviewed academic articles talking about this: >
>tract&list_uids=11346205 > >Also, if the blood work is positive (EMA
test or tTg) it is pretty much >guaranteed that a child has celiac, even
if the biopsy initially comes back >negative.  The damage to the
intestine is patchy, and if insufficient biopsy >samples are taken, they
might miss a damaged area.  Also, sometimes the sample >needs to be
re-examined.  I know of one parent whose child's biopsy was >initially
labelled as okay--the doctor asked for the sample to be re-examined >and
the result was then changed to a positive diagnosis. > >Barbara, Mum of
Claire 10 >dx'ed dm age 2, celiac (finally) age 9
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