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Re: [IPp] Cracks in Tubing/Quicksets

Hi Jan,

Claire has been using the Quick-sets with her Disetronic H-tron pump for
almost four years now.  We have never had any problem with them cracking or
letting in air.  However, I don't think that our tubing gets bent a lot right
near the luer lock, but in any case I think it should be able to withstand a
lot of bending anyhow.  Claire wears the pump right next to her skin, inside
her clothes all the time except while sleeping.

I haven't heard about air in the tubing being a problem with the Quick-sets
with a standard luer lock.  Any air bubbles are usually the fault of the
cartridge/reservoir leaking in air.  But there is a first time for everything.

Hope that you can solve the problem.  Claire is also extremely reluctant to
try any other sets.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 10
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