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Re: [IPp] RE: Inset Infusion Sets

I have used the Insets on my son since they came out but recently switched  
to the Tender Minis because he was experiencing tunneling. If I were you I'd  
choose the Inset instead of the Quickset because the Inset is so convenient. 
The  insertion device is integrated in the set so you won't need an inserter 
 like you would with the Quickset. It's easy to use and once you're finished,
put the  lid back on and just throw it away. You won't have to worry about 
keeping up  with an insertion device. Another good thing is you don't have to 
 insert the disconnect a certain way. I don't know if the Quickset is like that
too, but I  know with the Comforts and Tender Minis you have to insert the 
 disconnect with a particular side up. As long as your daughter doesn't have any
problem with 90  degree sets, I highly recommend the Inset. 
Deborah (Mom to David, 7yrs, dxd 6/98, pumping Animas  IR1200)
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