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Re: [IPp] Cracks in Tubing/Quicksets

In a message dated 1/5/2005 12:37:20 AM Eastern Standard Time,  
email @ redacted writes:

I  called MiniMed and they agreed to replace 10 of the sets for me, but
really  hesitated and said that they have no record of this being a
problem and  blamed it on the Cozmo pump.  I told them that I would do
a survey of  sorts here, because I was pretty sure that air in the
tubing was a common  problem with the Quicksets and perhaps people just
aren't complaining to  them about it.

So...is anyone else having a problem with air in your  Quickset tubing?
If so, what kind of pump do you use?  Anybody noticed  cracks or
cloudiness in the tubing?  Does anyone have any suggestions  for me? 
Are all infusion sets made the same way as far as the tubing and  leur
lock being so exposed to getting bent?

My son has been using the Cozmo pump for over a year now, he uses  
 silhouettes, which are also made by minimed and we use the sil-serter to insert
 catheter. My son did not do well with infusion sets that went straight in. The
silhouette goes in sideways.  He also wears his cozmo  horizontally with the 
leur lock to the side and we have not had any problems at  all with the tubing 
cracking or with bubbles.  He also puts a lot of stress  on the tubing and I 
have pulled it in all directions and it is really  tough.  Maybe you could try 
a different type of infusion set and see if  there is a difference.  Ask 
 minimed to send you some samples or perhaps your endo could give you some to
 Our CDE at the endo's office showed  us several different options when we 
first started.  
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