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Re: [IPp] Cracks in Tubing/Quicksets

We use Minimed 512. We have never had problems with air in the tubing from
cracks but the o-rings are notorious for letting in air into the reservoir
after priming with a perfectly good set. Once one of those decent sized
bubbles (that were in no way there at the change)...travelled up the tube
and I found a few inches in empty tubing when there was an unexplained high.
Usually when I change a set I find air in the old reservoir. I tend to
collect these and hand them into the Nurse at appointments as apparently the
Minimed mentality dismisses staff as well as parents!. There was a batch of
reservoirs that the adult list had noted problems with Ref.:KC2404371
expiry:2009-03. Two pumpers reported  leaking insulin into the pumps, the
spaces at the o-rings were so great. I have a box of these and to date no
one else shared problems with this batch. I'm too wary to use them though.
Minimed seem notorious in the Bart response of "it wasn't me, you can't
prove anything ...I wasn't there!".
I may be misunderstanding you but the only "cloudy" effect I get is when I
have a lot of champagne bubbles and I am trying to clear them so I force
them through together. In Ireland we've never even seen a Cosmo! So I'm not
sure how it differs from the 512. I love the image of the boy doing lasso.
Grace has caught her pump mid flight sometimes by the tubing and my heart
has stopped. I can lighten up a little!!
Best of luck and don't take any nonsense from the Minimed reps.
Mum to Grace 5yrs dx 10.03 pumping 13 weeks 512. 6mm quicksets

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Sent: 05 January 2005 05:52
Subject: RE: [IPp] Cracks in Tubing/Quicksets

> My daughter uses a Cozmo, and she also wears it pretty tight to her
> body.  We wrap the tubing tightly around the pump, and then she wears it
> in a pouch.  We use the Disetronic Tender Minis.  We haven't had
> problems with air in the tubing for a while.  We did when we had the
> recalled cartridges, but not since then, and that was the ONLY time we
> ever had air in the tubing.
> Catherine, mom to:
> Madeline - 10  Austin  - 8
> Emma  - 5  (dx 10/9/02 - pumping Cozmo)
> Abigail - 4  Genevieve & Gracie - 2
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> Subject: [IPp] Cracks in Tubing/Quicksets
> Hello all and Happy New Year!
> I am having a problem and am hoping somebody here has a suggestion.
> Maddie has only used the MiniMed Quicksets with her Deltec Cozmo pump
> since her pump start in May.  I chose them because of the inserter - I'm
> too chicken to try it manually and I know that Maddie will have a cow at
> the thought of me doing that.  We have always had bubbles in the tube,
> but I assumed it was because of operator error (I'm the operator).
> However, the last couple of boxes of Quicksets have developed large
> areas of air - even after priming it a couple times in the same day.  I
> finally discovered that the cloudiness in the tubing right at the Leur
> lock was actually small cracks and eventually they have even cracked to
> the point of being able to feel the crack with my nail.  We are already
> changing sites every other day - I sure don't want to do it more than
> that just due to the tubing.  I think the problem is that Maddie likes
> to wear her pump close to her and pretty tight against her in a
> horizontal pouch.  I think the tubing is getting bent there, causing the
> cracks.
> I called MiniMed and they agreed to replace 10 of the sets for me, but
> really hesitated and said that they have no record of this being a
> problem and blamed it on the Cozmo pump.  I told them that I would do a
> survey of sorts here, because I was pretty sure that air in the tubing
> was a common problem with the Quicksets and perhaps people just aren't
> complaining to them about it.
> So...is anyone else having a problem with air in your Quickset tubing?
> If so, what kind of pump do you use?  Anybody noticed cracks or
> cloudiness in the tubing?  Does anyone have any suggestions for me?
> Are all infusion sets made the same way as far as the tubing and leur
> lock being so exposed to getting bent?
> Thanks so much!  I'm sending in my reservation to the Friends for Life
> Conference tomrrow.  Looking forward to meeting many of you in person!
> --
> Jan, Mom to Maddie, age 7, dx'd T1D 4/16/03, pumping Cozmo 5/7/04 and
> doing fabulous!
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