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Re: [IPp] correction with syringe

We follow Keirsten's practice of correcting once with the pump, rechecking  
and then correcting with a syringe and changing the set if bg has not come  
down.  We do take into account possible insulin on board from the first  
 correction. And you have to keep in mind for any subsequent pump or shot
that you have insulin on board from the shot correction, since that  won't be 
in the pump's memory--unless you use the great suggestion by Pam about  
 unplugging the pump and letting it discharge the same amount as the shot. We
check ketones for two highs in a row.
(mom of  Chris, 21, Carrie, 17, guardian of Mike, 17, and mom of Dan, 13, dx 
4-01,  pumping Cozmo since 5-03)
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