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Re: [IPp] Joseph's pump is here!!

Hello - I am new to the list and wanted to respond to
Sandra and her son's new Animas.  My daughter, Ailsa,
was diagnosed at age 11 months in June 2004.  We
started pumping with an Animas IR 1200 on Sept 30,
2004.  We love pumping and have been very happy with
Animas in general and this pump specifically.  We
chose this pump because it allows basal rates as small
as 0.025/hr, which is really important when you're
pumping on a 25 pound child.

Anyway, we also had a long wait between shipment of
the pump and our start date at the CDE's office.  My
husband and I both watched the training DVD that comes
with the pump and a nurse from Animas came to our
house to give live training.  We each then wore the
pump ourselves with saline for 3 days.  This was
really helpful.  As the CDE said, you want to answer
all pump related questions BEFORE the real start date.
 Ideally, the only questions left by the insulin start
date will be regarding insulin dosing.  

We started with the Comfort, only using Ailsa's
butt/hip and upper thigh (too young to use abdomen,
not until she's 5 years old, they tell us).  We
switched to the Tender Mini (available from Animas)
because it is slightly shorter and, on a 14 month old,
every little bit makes a difference.  We use a tape
"lasso" to loop the extra length of tubing and put the
pump and the loops of tubing into a pump pack from
pumpwear.  She wears the pack 24 hours a day with
little complaint.  We do not disconnect the pump for
baths or swimming, but bathtime does require 2 sets of
hands!  We use emla cream to numb the site before
insertion and cover the site with tegaderm occlusive
dressing, since it is often in the diaper area.  The
only problems we've had have been 2 site infections,
each requiring oral antibiotics.  These both seems to
have come from the diaper elastic rubbing on the site,
despite the tegaderm.  

Even with the infections, though, the pump has been a
delight.  Before, on ultralente and regular insulin
shots, we would bounce around between the 30's and the
400's every 12 hours!  Now, we have far fewer lows and
the highs are much less dramatic and more managable.  

Sorry this is such an epic email!  Just wanted to give
any info that might be useful, both to Sandra and to
anyone in a similar situation.

Thanks - Octavia, mom to Ailsa, dx'd age 11 months
6/04, pumping since 9/04
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> Just as our rep promised, Joseph's pump arrived
> before
> the year end...  the DAY before the year end!  
> Joseph decided to go with the Animas IR1200.  As my
> earlier posts mentioned, he did saline trials on
> both
> the Animas and the Deltec pumps.  He absolutely fell
> in love with the Animas-- the size was perfect for
> him, and he took to the menu system immediately. 
> The
> Deltec pump, while far more programmable than the
> Animas, just didn't grab him.  After Joseph made his
> choice clear, and before the pumps were returned, I
> spent some time with the Deltec, and found the
> buttons
> a bit difficult to push (sometimes having to press
> 3-6
> times before the pump responded).  And I didn't like
> having it time out after 15 secs and not being able
> to
> put the backlight on without being in a particular
> home screen.  All fairly minor issues. That said, I
> LOVED the software and the many reminders available
> on
> this pump.  I believe that either pump would work
> well
> for him, but I really wanted him to make the final
> decision.  
> Soooo, here we are-- waiting to hear back from our
> and dietician to schedule training (they told me 2
> wks
> ago that it might be as far out as a month from when
> the pump ships!).  Any suggestions on what to do in
> the meantime?   
> Animas sent out Insets and Comforts to start out... 
> Has anyone out there used Comforts with children?  
> For our Deltec trial I had to insert a Tender Mini
> (because we couldn't do an insertion with the Inset
> in
> his abdomen without pain-- though we were successful
> with the Inset during his Animas trial).  
> Thanks for any and all information you can share as
> we
> begin this exciting (and a more than a bit
> frightening) journey...
> Sandra, mom to Joseph, age 9 dx'd 8/19/04 and soon
> to
> be pumping Animas IR1200!! 
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