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[IPp] Taking off pump for roller coasters

This has been discussed in the past on the main IP list.  There is one
person (at least) on the list who is one of those roller coaster enthusiasts
who has ridden all of the major ones in the USA and some other parts of the
world.  I think I remember him saying that he never, ever disconnected for
these rides.  It would be simple to call your pump manufacturer and check
what they recommend.  I worry about disconnecting unless someone waits with
the pump in hand in the immediate area.  Also, what if the ride broke down
and you were stuck on it for an hour or two without any insulin.

I personally would not let Claire keep her pump on the Drop Zone, the ride
where you free fall 30 storeys or something like that in about 3 seconds.
But I'm hoping she never wants to go on a ride like that!!  I had nightmares
about it, just from watching it.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 9
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