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RE: [IPp] Re: infusion sets


 If you can get one or two tenders as samples perhaps you could remove the
needle, cut off the cannula and tubing, and just stick it on your son for a few
days to see if the adhesive is better tolerated. That way you (and your son)
wouldn't have to actually insert one, just to see if the adhesive worked out
better. If the adhesive did work out better, then you would have a more definite
incentive to trying a real insertion with the tender.

Rick M.

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From: Suzanne Clarke [mailto:email @ redacted]
Sent: Thursday, January 30, 2003 7:22 PM
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Subject: [IPp] Re: infusion sets

Hi Sarah, Maryann and Cheri,

Thanks for your input on my infusion set queries. We cannot get the
Ultraflex in NZ, but I emailed Disetronic in the US and they said they are
looking into the possibility of making the Ultraflex available here, so
hopefully it will happen and soon!! I will keep 'at' them. I may, in the
meantime, if I can get up the courage, try the tenders. They have a
different adhesive so they may be tolerated better by Michael - worth a try
anyway. Thanks again.

Suzanne, Canterbury New Zealand, mum of Michael 7, D dxd 08/99, coeliacs dxd
04/00,pumping 04/02, Daniel 9, wife of Paul.
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