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RE: [IPp] Re:Sets and H-tron pump

Susanne,  Also wanted to let you know that the Tender is very
comfortable to wear.  The needle may look long, but the entire needle
does not have to be inserted into the body.  My daughter has always
liked the Tender.  Phyllis

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> We use a Disetronic Htron and the only
> disetronic sets available are the rapids and tenders. The look of the
> tenders frightens me abit. I mentioned to our pump company rep that
> I would try some of the sets available thru the NZ distributors of
> sets and I was told that if I used a different brand of infusion set
> would void our pump warrenty. I have emailed Disetronic in the US to
see if
> I can get some ultraflex thru them as they are not available here. I 
> beleive
> that the Disetronic tenders and Minimed Silhouette are exactly the
> (please anyone correct me if I am wrong) so I think my next step will
be to
> contact Minimed here and see if they have the inserter for the
> and then use it with the Disetronic tenders. I would hope that that
> be
> allowed. 

Hi Suzanne,
     My little girl pumps with the H-tron pump and uses MM's Quick-sets.
are in Canada and the UltraFlex is not approved for sale here and the
last I 
heard they had no intention of trying to market it here.  
     I would try to verify in writing that using the Quick-sets would
your warranty--myself I believe that the rep was telling you a line of
 A quick read of the actual warranty, (ask her/him to supply you with a
would explain things.  
     In any case, how would they know what sets you were using anyhow?
we bought our pump the sales rep showed me how to re-build the H-tron 
batteries.  When I questioned her about "build your own batteries"
the warranty, she said "how would they know anyhow?"  At that time the
was sold by a third party and not by Disetronic themselves. 
     The H-tron is a very sturdy pump, you will like it a lot.  I would
switch to another brand at this point in time, even if I was paid $3000
to do 
so and got the other pump for free!!
     Even though the Tenders/Comforts/ and Silhouettes are all the same 
infusion set, the ones that are to be inserted with the Sil-Serter are 
different.  I have a Sil-serter and some Tenders, but not the type that
be used with the insertion device.  These sets also intimidate me and
why we use the Quick-sets.  Most people will tell you though, that once
get over it, the Sils/Tenders are a great set to use.

Best wishes,
Barbara, Mum of Claire 8    
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