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[IPp] Re:Sets and H-tron pump

In a message dated 1/30/03 9:58:23 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> We use a Disetronic Htron and the only
> disetronic sets available are the rapids and tenders. The look of the
> tenders frightens me abit. I mentioned to our pump company rep that perhaps
> I would try some of the sets available thru the NZ distributors of Minimed
> sets and I was told that if I used a different brand of infusion set it
> would void our pump warrenty. I have emailed Disetronic in the US to see if
> I can get some ultraflex thru them as they are not available here. I 
> beleive
> that the Disetronic tenders and Minimed Silhouette are exactly the same
> (please anyone correct me if I am wrong) so I think my next step will be to
> contact Minimed here and see if they have the inserter for the silhouette
> and then use it with the Disetronic tenders. I would hope that that would 
> be
> allowed. 

Hi Suzanne,
     My little girl pumps with the H-tron pump and uses MM's Quick-sets.  We 
are in Canada and the UltraFlex is not approved for sale here and the last I 
heard they had no intention of trying to market it here.  
     I would try to verify in writing that using the Quick-sets would void 
your warranty--myself I believe that the rep was telling you a line of *****. 
 A quick read of the actual warranty, (ask her/him to supply you with a copy) 
would explain things.  
     In any case, how would they know what sets you were using anyhow?  When 
we bought our pump the sales rep showed me how to re-build the H-tron 
batteries.  When I questioned her about "build your own batteries" voiding 
the warranty, she said "how would they know anyhow?"  At that time the H-tron 
was sold by a third party and not by Disetronic themselves. 
     The H-tron is a very sturdy pump, you will like it a lot.  I would never 
switch to another brand at this point in time, even if I was paid $3000 to do 
so and got the other pump for free!!
     Even though the Tenders/Comforts/ and Silhouettes are all the same 
infusion set, the ones that are to be inserted with the Sil-Serter are 
different.  I have a Sil-serter and some Tenders, but not the type that can 
be used with the insertion device.  These sets also intimidate me and thats 
why we use the Quick-sets.  Most people will tell you though, that once you 
get over it, the Sils/Tenders are a great set to use.

Best wishes,
Barbara, Mum of Claire 8    
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