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RE: [IPp] Infusion sets

We use 6mm Quicksets (straight-in).  We clean the skin with an IV Prep pad first, then let that dry completely before we insert the Quickset.  Most of the time we don't use (or need) any additional tape.  So far this has worked pretty well for Helena.

Rick M.

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From: Suzanne Clarke [mailto:email @ redacted]
Sent: Tuesday, January 28, 2003 10:10 PM
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Subject: [IPp] Infusion sets

Hi everyone,

I am considering trying Michael (7) on a different infusion set. We
currently use
Rapid D 6mm (a 90 degree straight in metal needle) which I really like but
are still sometimes having problems with rashes from the tape and
we use. The 3M No Sting barrier film helps alot but I wonder if different
infusion sets have different adhesives and may cause less irritation. I
what types of infusion sets/needles you guys use, and what you like/dislike
about them. I have have had some good feedback on the Tenders but the look
of these scares me. Do some of you use insertion devices and how do your
feel about the use/or not, of these? I have abit of a needle phobia so that
may be
something to look at - more for my benefit anyway. I would appreciate any
on this. I know this has probably been discussed here before but none of it
in my mind, as up until now I hadn't seriously considered trying any
different sets.

Thanks very much.

Suzanne, Canterbury New Zealand, mum of Michael 7, D dxd 08/99, coeliacs
dxd 04/00,pumping 04/02, Daniel 9, wife of Paul.
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