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[IPp] Re: GlucoWatch

Hi Carol!

Yep! At the end of Nov I got rejected on that request for a
reconsideration, and I had 60 days to reply (due to the holidays
I didn't send my response right away). I just (this past week)
sent off my response asking for a reconsideration of this last
decision. They will probably send me yet another rejection letter
(I'm *sure* they will, this seems to just be par for the course)
in the next couple of weeks at which time, I will send my last
and final reconsideration request (which will be for an in-person
hearing). If they deny me at the hearing that's *it*, it's final,
and I'll have to buy one myself. But, I think I have a good
chance at winning it. We're only arguing coverage issues, not
medical necessity like I previously thought (and knew would be
impossible to prove). I can give a good argument for coverage. :)
Our endo is writing a letter for the next round (he was so busy
this last time he didn't get a chance to write it), and I'm
waiting on some documents from Sankyo Pharma (unpublished
pediatric clinical trials/studies). When those come in (hopefully
very soon) I'll be forwarding them to the appeals board.

So...that's where we stand right now. I'll keep you updated!

Take care, Kerri
"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life:
it goes on." - Robert Frost

Carol said:


Was wondering..... have you gotten a response back?

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