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Re: [IPp] testing at school

Dear Debbie,
  I had a heck of a time with my school letting Jessy test Jessy's sugars in
the classroom.  I had to get a lawyer in order to fight it.  She now tests
in class, and there have been no problems (knock on wood)  One of the things
I ran across in my search for knowledge was a letter from a doctor stating
that the only disease worth worrying about is Hep C, if the child has had
the shots for it, and has the antibodies, then there is absolutely NO reason
why this can't be done.  If you have a fax number, I could fax this letter
to you for your friend.

> I remember seeing a post some time back about blood
> glucose monitoring and the chances of someone
> developing a disease from contact with the blood or
> the poker.  Does that sound familiar to anyone?  I
> have a friend whose school is not willing to
> perform test on a child with delays who doesn't
> recognizing lows, perhaps out of fear.  If she had
> this info it might help
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