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RE: [IPp] Remember to bolus/Animas batteries

Hi Barb,
I don't in any way mean to tell you which pump to buy, but if you are
worried about batteries being an issue with Animas, I wouldn't really worry
about that. We use the Animas pump and have found the batteries for it
almost anywhere - even our local Dollar Store (I don't know if you have
these in the U.S.??) carried them, as they are the standard 357
camera/calculator battery. I was a little leary about buying them there, but
have picked them up at the drug store, grocery stores, etc. And we live in a
smaller community of about 30,000, so we don't have the shopping that a lot
of larger cities do.
Barb Rowbotham

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Dianne and everyone, thanks for the note, but
actually, I don't remember the post.  I didn't realize
when I joined, that my posting would go to everyone.
I just assumed (there's that word) I would lead an
anonymous existence on this mailing and would read
helpful hints to help with pumps.  Live and learn.
Then I left for vacation, returned to 109 emails and I
have been working thru them.
The two pumps we are considering are the Animas and
the Cozmo.  And we are leaning toward the Cozmo, and
the whole AAA battery is the reason.  I really like
the idea of going to SAMS and buying the jumbo pack of
batteries. But I am a little leary of the newness of
the system.
Anyway, thanks for the note and I hope to learn and
eventually help others.  (That didn't sound too Miss
America-ish, did it?)

--- Dianne Shekell <email @ redacted>
>> Thanks Barbara,
>     I really felt terrible after that post. When I
> re read it, it did sound
> quite deceitful.  Johnny is just sooo forgetful that
> he sometimes needs a
> definite reason to make it worth while for him to
> take time to remember
> something important rather than socialize with his
> friends.
> Dianne
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