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Re: [IPp] 4 year old - Infusion sites and where to clip/pocket/harness pump

Hi Coreen,

My daughter Sarah is 4yrs old and has been pumping for a little more than a
year now.  I understand your concerns about where to wear the pump.  We
worried too.  Sarah is very active and always in a hurry(especially in the
bathroom).  She wears the infusion set on her bum and puts her pump in a
pump pak.  Her pump pak is like a mini fanny pack on a belt ( the pump stays
put in the pak when she takes her pants off).  The pak is available in alot
of cute designs.  You can see them at www.pumpwearinc.com .  Sarah has never
pulled out the cannula while rough housing.  We keep the tubing tucked into
her pump pak so it does not get in the way.  She has ripped out the cannula
(3 times I think) while hurrying in the bathroom.  She has learned to be
carefull.  She has not ripped one out in several months.  I encourage you
and your husband do lots of research and then some soul searching about
making the change to the pump.  But I have to tell you,  "pumpy" has been a
god send for our family.

Shannon Foster

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Subject: [IPp] 4 year old - Infusion sites and where to clip/pocket/harness

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>Hi - We are considering using an insulin pump for my son, Michael.  My
>husbands main concern is that at 4 years old he is too young.  What I mean
>is, Michael will dive to the floor at anytime for some unknown reason.  He
>loves wrestling around.  We feel that the cannula will be pulled out too
>often because of rough housing.  I am asking where to keep the pump because
>if he attaches the pump to his waist and pulls down his pants to go to the
>bathroom he may rip the cannula out.  Any input on this will help.  Thanks
>you very much.   - Coreen Theisen
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