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Re: [IPp] memory loss???

My son is six yrs old and when he wakes up in the middle of the night to go 
to the bathroom, I just know he is running high. Because he always sleeps 
like a log. I test him and he is in the 200's, sometimes 300's...this is not 
very often either. But when it does happen, he always goes to the bathroom 
and then wakes me up to tell me he went pee...lol. So I test him to verify 
the high, I correct him and go back to bed. BUT..he always jumps into bed 
with me, which is fine with me because I wake up to test him two hours later. 
But in the morning he always wonders how he got into my bed. And the night 
before when he would wake up, we would have conversations that he would not 
So maybe this memory loss is not only caused from lows, but highs too.

Sarah  :)  Mom to Matthew (6) MM Paradigm since May 2002, dxd 3/99 and 
Victoria (8) Non-D...Love My kids!
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