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[IPp] Frio Pump Wallet

Hi Carol,

Here is a link to where you can purchase the Frio pump wallet from the US or

Here is a link to the manufacturers site:

And here is a link to comments from people who used it  and found it good for
both the heat and the cold, although they don't advertise it for both
extremes.  We did in the heat of summer and it was amazing.  No more carrying
coolers around for keeping the pump and insulin cool at the beach!

We ordered the large Frio wallet on the advice of other people who had
purchased it.  I let a friend of mine take it to Mexico where, although she
didn't put her pump in it much, she did use it for keeping her insulin from
frying:)  It does not use a refrigerator pack, all you need to activate it is
water!!  Very *kewl* as my pumper would say :)


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