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[IPp] Pumpers wear them....from head to foot!!

Hi folks,

Here is an incomplete compilation of some of the ideas I have been getting
about where to wear the pump.  Keep in mind that people are using different
pumps, and different lengths of tubing.  Some have remotes, some don't; some
use audio bolusing, some don't.  The overwhelming response is that wherever it
is put, the pumper would not do without their pump!!  There are more ideas to
come and I will post them on my website when I have it completed.

Pumpers wear them, literally, from head to foot!!

- upside down and inside out!  Upside down keeps bubbles out of the tubing,
while having the clip on the outside of your clothing keeps the pump snug
agains you with only the pump clip showing.
- clipped on bathrobes
 -In bicycle shorts (attached by a pin or in a sewn pocket) , wornunder pants,
skirts and dresses.
- In bras regular or sports models (not just for women anymore LOL!!), either
in the front between the lumps <g> or clipped onto the back of the bra or
under the arm.  Pump can be hanging on the  inside or outside depending on how
you use the clip .  Some people suggest it be put in a little baby sock to
prevent sweating against the pump
- some people use the bra band
- In baby socks, or little bags,  attached to the inside of clothing and
underwear anywhere!
- clipped onto garter belts
- slippedinto a pocked sewn onto the inside of a bathing suit (with matching
material) or inside the bra part
- slipped into the top of pantihose to keep it snug
- in leather gun holsters
- hanging off your belt or waistband.  Some hang it off the front, some hang
it off the back.  Some hang it with the pump on the inside, some hang it with
the pump on the outside.
- many slip them into their pockets (shirt or pant or skirt or dress) by
putting a little hole in the backside of the pocket and slipping the tubing
through.  Keeps the tubing out of sight and for kids it prevents that urgent
site change when the tubing has caught on a doorknob :)
-many slip it into any pockets and just let that old tubing hang where it
- Some use Waist-its, thigh-things, and leg-things.
- many people use their own home made waist it thingys,  sewing little soft
cases for their pump and having it on a belt that they make out of various
- some people make sturdy cases out of neoprene and use them for swimming,
running, and under wetsuits
-Clip-n-gos go everywhere it seems!!!
- Many people sew little pockets on the inside of their favourite jammies, or
clothing that doesn't otherwise have a pocket in a sensible place
- Some people sew matching pockets on the outside of clothing so that the pump
is easily accessible and the tubing threaded through the back of the pocket.
-those who don't wear jammies wear it on a waist it, slip it under a pillow,
or let it roam at will.  Nobody has reported being attacked by their tubing,
although cats have been known to attack it :)
- pinned or clipped to the sheets of the bed
- other sleepers like to attach their pump to the headboard of their bed with
- Many kids and adults love using a fanny pack.
- Some children use the backpack strap for their pumps
- some people wear it on their arm, strapped on with the tubing neatly wrapped
up and out of the way
- velcro & baby pins are worth their weight in gold according to most people
who make their own accessories.
- In Calvin Klein body slimmpers under other clothing
- in the pocket of Tennis shorts under other clothing
- hanging from a collar
- hanging in a pouch which is hanging from a strap around the neck
- In a boot - yep, just slipped into the top of a sock if the boot is loose
- In a sock when wearing pants. Tubing down the leg, and held close to the
lower leg by the top of the sock
- using a carabiner in combination with a key ring and case to hang the pump
'wherever'.  Inside or outside of anything!
- in your hair. This one from a bride who had it inserted into her hairdo for
her wedding.  How inventive is that!!
- in a waist it bag designed to match or accessorize your clothing
- Strapped to the thigh with elastobandage (orsomething similar)
- strapped to the calf with elastobandage (or something similar)
- In a Sports Pak
- In a Frio pump wallet for extreme cold or heat

Well, does ANYBODY have something to add?!!  Surely we have missed a few


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Insulin Pumpers Canada - Nova Scotia Division
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