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Re: [IPp] Eve's great check-up

    AWESOME news about Eve's diabetes management, albeit tempered by concerns 
about those test results. Can't help you with that question, but just wanted 
to add my support for the importance of finding outside resources when our 
kids are floundering. Diabetes imposes a heavy emotional toll. Given the 
newer management tools at our disposal, in many ways our kids have a harder 
time of it than teens in decades gone by, who functioned in more of an 
"ignorance is bliss" atmosphere. I spoke to a woman awaiting an islet 
transplant (extreme hypoglycemic unawareness) who said that she actually had 
a glucose meter with her in college in the early 80s but other than "knowing" 
that she was 350, she didn't do anything differently. Her diabetes team never 
even considered the "radical" notion of taking additional insulin beyond her 
2 daily standard dose shots. 
    I constantly remind Melissa that although she "thinks" I'm asking her to 
do so much MORE, in reality, if she complies, she winds up doing so much LESS 
( i.e. NOT dealing with lows, with feeling awful if high, with rebounding 
from trying to stop a speeding rollercoastering bgs, etc).....
Renee (pump mom to Melissa, 20, dx'd at 9, pump 7 yrs and STILL on a learning 
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