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[IPp] Eve's great check-up

Eve (15) went for her 3-month check up yesterday, and you all know that she
had been in the hospital 2 times for DKA during this 3-month period. She
also was not  bolusing for meals and was running high and that was the main
reason she ended up in the hospital. The last time, at the first part of
Dec., her doctor did a A1c at the hospital and it was 8.4. Since then, Eve
has been in to see a CDE once a week for the past 4 weeks. Her numbers have
been great in this 4 week period and she has been bolusing most of the time.
They did a A1c at the clinic yesterday.

Drum roll please.......7.4  :-)

This last 4 weeks she has done a great job!!!!!

We are all hopeful that she will keep it up. This is the first time in 2
years she has been below 8.0

Now on to some other news....

When Eve was in the hospital in Dec., in DKA, her endo had some tests run
and one of them was to check for an anti-insulin antibody. Well... Eve went
for her 3-month check up yesterday and her endo informed us that she has I
think she called it, anti-insulin antibodies. This is where Eve has a 19%
reaction to human insulin and 13% reaction to pork insulin, and a 13%
reaction to beef insulin. We were told that normal is 3%. She went on to say
something about this might have something to do with why Eves bg numbers
are sometime all over the place. This also could be why we've had a hard
time getting her basal rates right. WellI think this is right. I really
need help here.

If anyone here could provide me with more information or a place where I
could found out more about this, I would really appreciate it.

The other thing is when she was in the hospital, her doctor had her tested
for Adrenal Gland problems. The test came back lower then her doctor
expected. Eve's doctor explained that when you are sick the test will come
back with a lower number, but she felt the results were way too low.
So.....she had Eve retested again yesterday and we will know more in a few
weeks. Hopefully nothing is wrong with her Adrenal Gland.

If any one could help me out about anti-insulin antibodies, please let me


Deborah mom to Eve 15.5, and her pump
Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99
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