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Re: [IPp] Remember to bolus

Ellen,  I too was the blissful relaxed Mom and La Leche League Leader
when Zachary was diagnosed.    Luckily I also was at the administrative
level of LLL and knew how to pull some quick strings while in the hospital.
When they insisted we wean or do scheduled feedings,  I retaliated
with published Lactational Journals of articles and studies on why
breastfeeding was important to Zach as a newly diagnosed Diabetes,
why weaning would be detrimental to his mental, emotional, and physical
wellbeing, etc.

We caused havoc in that hospital, but got our way.   I was determined
that Zach and I wouldn't loose all of our control over the situation.    And
I'm so glad I did.   Its also given me the courage to question many of the
ideas and orders we've rec'd from Endo's and CDE's over the last
almost 10 years (diag 2/93).

And it was soooooooooo hard to explain to my fellow LaLeche League
friends why it was that I was letting him now have things he'd never
eaten before.


Barbara A. Petzoldt - Pump Mama to Zachary (12 1/2,  Dx 2/93, 508 2/02,
Paradigm  8/16/02) --------Jennifer (20), Allison (17), Rachel (6)
Fenton, MO
email @ redacted
Independent Kitchen Consultant for THE PAMPERED CHEF.

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