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[IPp] Re: Four-year-old and infusion sets

My son is 9 and started pumping at age 6. He has always used his buttocks for sites and wears the pump in a hard plastic clip case attached to his pants. He's has a Disetronic H-Tron-Plus, which he chose because he wanted a backup pump to avoid even one extra shot if it should malfunction. In three years, I can count on one hand the times the sites have come out -- and that was with the Rapid infusion set, which we no longer use. We now use the Ultraflex, which has VERY STRONG bonding on the tape near the insertion site. His tubing is long enough that, when he goes to the bathroom, he does not have to detach the pump from his pants. He just pulls down his pants and the tubing allows the "give" he needs. Also, he, too, is a rather physical child although he doesn't play any organized sports. This summer he attended YMCA day camp daily, swam twice a day and never had any problems with sites.

Janice, proud mom of Paul 
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