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Re: [IPp] 4 year old - Infusion sites and where to clip/pocket/harness pump

I have a son that is 5 years old and on the pump.  He is beond active some 
days.  My husband and him wrestle all the time.  I am sure that his infusion 
set has been layed on, jumped on, pulled on, a million times by now.  I also 
have a 2 1/2 year old son that likes to rough house with his older brother.  
I have seen my younger one sit on my older son and jump up and down on his 
stomach (where his sight is).  The only problem that we ever had was my son's 
pump came unclipped one time when my husband was wrestling with him and the 
pump got stuck in the couch and when my husband picked my son up the tubing 
snapped.  It was only one problem in the 7 months that my son has been 
pumping.  HTH

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