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RE: [IPp] 4 year old - Infusion sites and where to clip/pocket/harness pump

>>We feel that the cannula
>>will be pulled out too
>>often because of rough housing.  I am asking where
>>to keep the pump because
>>if he attaches the pump to his waist and pulls
>>down his pants to go to the
>>bathroom he may rip the cannula out.

Hi Coreen,
My daughter started pumping at age 4, and it has been wonderful.  She has
also always been very active, rolls around on the ground, plays in the mud,
climbs trees, etc.  But we have had very, very little problems with that in
regards to the pump.   Because she is on the lean side, all of her sites are
on the upper bottom area and sometimes toward the sides.  As she gets
bigger, well be able to rotate her sites more.  As far as were she wears
the pump, we bought a waist pouch from minimed (lots of pumping sites sell
them), used it as a pattern, and made a bunch of different colored ones.  It
s like a soft, elastic belt around the stomach, with a pouch similar to a
fanny pouch that the pump is in.  Its not attached to her pants, therefore
no risk of her accidentally pulling it out when she goes to the bathroom.
However, weve had the pump fall out and dangle by the tubing, and it still
hasnt pulled it out.  The only time she has ever pulled it out in the year
weve been pumping has been when the tubing was sticking out of her pants
and got hung on something (and thats only happened twice).

The biggest problem weve had is keeping the sites in place for lengthy
swimming sessions during the summer.  So on advice from someone on this
list, we started using skin bond on the sites, and unisolve to get the sites
off during site changes (because boy does it stick!).  There are other
products out there too with extra sticky powers that you could try.  A lot
of it is trial and error.  But the results of better HbA1c numbers and
freedom the pump gives these little kids is well worth the effort!

Good luck,
Angela, mom to Ashley, 5 (dxd 1/01) & Kristina, 2

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