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[IPp] Hormones rls upon sleep

I totally believe that hormones release upon sleep-glad to have someone
confirm it.  Even naps during the day spike her bgs.  I don't worry about
her going low when napping much or sleeping while traveling.  We usually
check bgs upon her waking and correct.  Amelia is maturing and growing so
her 9-1 p.m. basal is now at 1.1.  Scary to make so many basal
adjustments at such a high rate but her endo warned us they would be
doubling over the next year.Cheri Cheryl,

We have the same thing with our daughter, Emily, 10.  Everyone talks
the dawn phenomenon, and we are the opposite.  Emily's basals currently
12noon-8pm .3, 8pm-10pm .4, and 11pm-1am .5, then 1am-8am .2.  It took us
while to figure this out, but, now works pretty well.  Somewhere I read
a growth hormone can kick in right after kids fall asleep.  Good Luck!


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