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Re: [IPp] 4 year old - Infusion sites and where to clip/pocket/h

> Hi - We are considering using an insulin pump for my son, Michael. 
> My husbands main concern is that at 4 years old he is too young. 
> What I mean is, Michael will dive to the floor at anytime for some
> unknown reason.  He loves wrestling around.  We feel that the
> cannula will be pulled out too often because of rough housing.  I am
> asking where to keep the pump because if he attaches the pump to his
> waist and pulls down his pants to go to the bathroom he may rip the
> cannula out.  Any input on this will help.  

Hi Coreen,

Well.... :-) there is no such thing as being too young to start on 
the pump. The 90 kids that started pumping at age 4 or UNDER whose 
parents are list members can't all be wrong :-)
and..... there's another 48 that started at age 5.... 
and......so on....

I think that you will find universal agreement among these parents 
that putting their child on a pump is the best thing they could 
possibly have done for their son / daughter.

You will find ways and places to secure your son's pump with help 
from forum members and your own ingenuity. 

 see:  http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/pkids.shtml

Michael (preaching to the quoir)
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