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[IPp] Re: Where does your child wear it?

In a message dated 1/14/03 4:43:54 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Almost two
> years ago I started a pumpers support group which has grown a *little* 
> bigger
> than I had originally planned (right Jana?)

Hi Barb!
     How big has your group grown?  Well, that is great news isn't it!  
     Where Claire wears her pump...well this evolved.  I started out by 
making her a couple of dresses with a nice deep pocket sewn inside.  Or her 
trousers had nice deep pockets.  However, within no time at all, she decided 
that she wanted to just clip the pump inside of her panties.  And that is 
where it remains, even when she wears the dresses with the special pockets.  
She just reaches down and boluses using the audio bolus feature, listening 
for the beeps.  
     At bedtime I prefer she use the pinned baby sock method that you first 
suggested to us, as I don't like the pump next to the heat of her body for 24 
     Very recently, I have been thinking of sewing a more permanent pocket on 
all her pajamas.  I have some leftover bits of ribbing that I will use for 
this.  Ribbing is the stretchy material that is used at the cuffs and nec
klines of sweatshirts.  It can come in cheap, scratchy, not very stretchy 
versions.  But good quality ribbing is soft, stretchy and can be available in 
many, many pretty colours.  
     Love to Erica.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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