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Re: [IPp] Where does your child wear it?

> Dear Donna,
>   My daughter, who has just turned 9, wears her pump just about
>   anywhere.
> She likes to sleep in her panties and bra.  I have seen her attach
> it to both at night.  When she wears a dress without pockets, she
> attaches it to the collar of her dress, when she has a dress with
> pockets, she just slides it into the pocket with the tubing coming
> out either her sleeve or her collar, depending on the style of the
> dress and the convenience.  When she wears pants, she just attaches
> it to her pants.  I made her a belt, but she never wears it.  She
> does prefer clothes with pockets now though, just for her pump, but
> for her, it isn't necessary.
>   Good luck!
> Cindy
My 19yo and my twin boy's 13yo girl friend are both pumpers and 
pretty much do as above from my observations. I think when kids start 
pumping early that they treat their pumps like most adults treat 
glasses. i.e.  they assimilate them into their persona and don't 
really care where they hang, stuff, or place them.

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