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Re: [IPp] Dawn Phenom...

> I am posting this to both lists in hopes of satisfying my
> curiosity?!
> I think my daughter has reverse dawn phenom. She goes high when she
> first goes to sleep at night so I have been making adjustments to
> nighttime basals for several weeks trying to leverl her nightime bgs
> out. 

What you are probably seeing is growth hormone kicking in...  this 
can be a problem if her bed time varies at all or for some 
reason she can't go to sleep. 

> She is getting from 1.0 to 1.1 from 9 p.m. to 12 p.m. We
> decrease from there to about .6 at 4-6 a.m.  Anyone else
> experiencing this?  Amelia is growing and maturing at a rapid rate.
> She is 9 1/2.
> Just curious?
> Cheri McCurdy

Yeah, when she entered puberty, Lily's basal needs spiked very high 
as her head hit the pillow. It was very dependent on when she went to 
bed, not clock time. We solved this problem by setting  the basal at 
the evening rate until 1am then Lily would set a temp rate that would 
extend just beyond 1am that was the higher rate needed for her 
initial sleep period. This also made her more sensitive to 
adjusting basal needs if she had a particularly active day with 
sports etc... She did this for years until she stopped growing.

example: she would do something like this
6pm rate   0.5u/hr
12am rate 0.5u/hr
1am rate   1.0u/hr
go to bead at 11pm  set 2 hour tmp rate at 1.0

This allowed her to stay up or go to bed when she felt like it or as 
homework dictated. Since she never went to bed later than 1:00, even 
if she forgot to set her temp rate then nothing bad would happen 
because of too much insulin.

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