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Re: [IPp] Where does your child wear it?

Dear Donna,
  My daughter, who has just turned 9, wears her pump just about anywhere.
She likes to sleep in her panties and bra.  I have seen her attach it to
both at night.  When she wears a dress without pockets, she attaches it to
the collar of her dress, when she has a dress with pockets, she just slides
it into the pocket with the tubing coming out either her sleeve or her
collar, depending on the style of the dress and the convenience.  When she
wears pants, she just attaches it to her pants.  I made her a belt, but she
never wears it.  She does prefer clothes with pockets now though, just for
her pump, but for her, it isn't necessary.
  Good luck!

> I will be very interested in your article.  My five year old daughter will
> going on the pump this Friday and am just now trying to figure out where
> will wear hers.
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