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[IPp] Where does your child wear it?

Hi folks,

I usually respond off list, so most of you wouldn't know who I am, so to
introduce myself....  I have a 14 yr old daughter who started pumping when she
was 10.  Her 4th rebirthday will be on March 17/2003.  AFter my daughter
became a pumper, I became a pumpers mom with an active mouth <g>.  Almost two
years ago I started a pumpers support group which has grown a *little* bigger
than I had originally planned (right Jana?)

Our group is having a meeting on January 26th and I am compiling a list of
places to wear the pump.  I have plenty of ideas from the adults, with more to
come I am sure, but I would love to hear from the parents of pumpers
especially as the majority of pumpers in Nova Scotia are children.  Here is
the posting I put on the IP list.

**We are holding a support meeting on January 26/03 and  I was hoping those
who were willing could help me out by sharing their experiences about where to
put the pump.  Not only will the information you share help the members of our
group, but it will be compiled and posted on a new page of our Insulin Pumpers
Canada website entitled 'Where Do I Wear?' and accessible to everybody.

So, where DO you wear it?  Please  send along where you 'hide it', hang it',
'clip it', 'slip it', we would love to hear from you!!  Do you slip it in a
sock, hang it upside down to keep out bubbles, clip it to a bra, wear it in a
pouch?  We would love to hear from you!!  We want unique spots, not thought of
spots, right out in the open spots, hidden spots.......you get the idea:)

You can respond to the IP website, or email me directly at
email @ redacted  The more the merrier!!**

Barb Chafe - Chair
Insulin Pumpers Canada - Nova Scotia Division
Mom to Erica, a Canadian Butterfly
Visit our pumping website
via http://www.canadianbutterfly.ca
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