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Re: [IPp] Remember to bolus

 Equally important, we should discuss what diabetes in children does to
their mothers.  Most
> doctors expect US to do the impossible: control, control , control.  That
> said, I think sometimes what is expected of us can make us do things so we
> wouldn't ordinarily do so we can achieve  the "control", or the appearance
> control.  This experience is also painful because we want our children to
> live a carefree childhood , yet diabetes has taken much of that away from
> them.  We all have to find a way to balance the diabetes and the fun of
> childhood.
> At least the pump gives back the freedom from schedules.
> Ellen


How true!  The first year Devin was so out of control (on shots) it drove me
crazy and stressed me out.  Now, since pumping, he has much better control,
but still there are times!  Times when he forgets or miscalculates or goes
high for some unknown reason.  At first this frustrated me, but now I've
just made the decision that I can only do so much.  He is still a kid!
Frankly, I think he handles his diabetes alot better than my husband would.
So I've decided to not stress so much and just do the best we can without
making ourselves crazy.

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