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Re: [IPp] Remember to bolus


I've OFTEN wished I hadn't pressed send after posting things on the internet 
(ask Renee)...but my gut feeling when I post is I have something important to 
share.  I thank you for opening up this discussion.  Where do you go from 

I was the most blissful, relaxed new mom, hanging out with La Leche League 
earth mothers, nursing our babies and toddlers on blankets in the parks or at 
the beach, all natural, no sugar, no preservatives, no schedules, no rules 
really (my son was 15 months old at dx).  And then that fateful day came when 
our entire universe turned upside down and inside out with the diagnosis of 
diabetes.  With the diagnosis came scheduled breast feeding, scheduled 
injections, scheduled eating , measuring , control.control control...and it 
made me DEPRESSED.  I dealt with things being vigilant about everything as 
far as timing of meals, measuring and weighing every morsel, yada yada 
yada...I don't know how I got from there to where I am now, but I know I have 
my power back and I feel comfortable working with my son and his diabetes.

This forum is a haven where we can  collectively discuss the differences in 
philosophy of parenting children with diabetes.   Equally important, we 
should discuss what diabetes in children does to their mothers.  Most  
doctors expect US to do the impossible: control, control , control.  That 
said, I think sometimes what is expected of us can make us do things so we 
wouldn't ordinarily do so we can achieve  the "control", or the appearance of 
control.  This experience is also painful because we want our children to 
live a carefree childhood , yet diabetes has taken much of that away from 
them.  We all have to find a way to balance the diabetes and the fun of 

At least the pump gives back the freedom from schedules.

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