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[IPp] Re: Remember to Bolus

In a message dated 1/10/2003 10:11:39 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

>  Have you ever wished you never pressed the "send" button after writing a
> post?
>   Julie, don't do this.
>   You're right Ellen. I guess I went a little to far. Your way of doing
> things sound better and I have tried that first.  

Hi Dianne,
       I sure hope that you aren't feeling bad about your post.  It was a 
very thoughtful post about what has worked for you and your child.  All 
children are different and also changing all the time, so what works now 
might not work 6 months from now, but that is why parenting is so 
challenging.  None of this day in day out same all the time stuff!  
       Most all parents tell little white lies to their kids.  Even though 
Claire is 8, she fully believes in Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and the 
Easter bunny.  She asked me awhile ago about the truth of some aspects of 
these, encouraged by her 11 year old brother.  Yes, I continued with the 
little lies, because I thought this was "best" for her at this time.  If she 
later confronts me with why did I not tell the truth, we will have a 
conversation about why I did what I did.  
       And so, if later on your son makes an issue about you misleading him 
about bolusing and losing his pump, I'm sure he will understand when you tell 
him that you were doing it to have the best results for him.  Kids know when 
they are loved.  
       I'm fortunate in that all 3 of my kids remember things pretty well and 
never lose items.  But I have friends whose kids have struggled with this for 
years and I know how frustrated they have become.  So you have to do what 
works for your child.
       Now I need to work on Claire actually following my instructions.  She 
is supposed to phone me from school if her pump alarms.  I left her at 11:30 
after her lunch bolus.  Her pump started alarming 15 minutes later and 
continued off and on all afternoon.  She didn't phone me (I always carry my 
mobile phone), so by 3 pm after school she was over 600.  She hadn't received 
most of the lunch bolus (don't know why the alarm didn't go off at that 
point??) and no snack bolus or basal.  Just waiting for her bg to come down 

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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