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[IPp] Praise the positive, work out the negative

Sometimes my son forgets to bolus (as do adults with pumps), and we backtrack

to  troubleshoot and figure out why his bg was high.  Sometimes it had
nothing to do with forgetting to bolus.  With diabetes, #@$% happens! 
Ellen H. Ullman


I am beginning to think your son and mine are twins...<g>.  Jake has handled
all of his diabetes care from the first day he was diagnosed, and prefers it
that way.  We ( my husband and I) feel that the kids and adults with diabetes
have a heavy load to carry 24/7.  We do what we can and what Jake allows us
to help with, to make his load lighter now and then.

The "With diabetes, #@$% happens! " comment is so true, just when you think
you have a handle on it, and things are going good, diabetes throws you
another curve.  Jake's first year on the pump was full of ups and downs, but
this year, his second year is a huge turnaround.  Our son is happy, he has
turned out for Tennis, now in Wrestling, and is anticipating the Track
season.  He has not missed a single day of school, and is on the honor roll
at school.  He is socially growing, let alone the physical growth this year.
Jake just recently gave an hour long talk on "his" diabetes to all the 8th
grade health classes.  The teacher has asked if he  would come back and teach
to her other classes at the end of the year.  He talked to the kids at their
level, told them about Type 2, and then focused on his routine and his pump.
The kids kept him overtime in each class, full of questions, and thanked him
for sharing his daily routine with them.  We tell Jake every day, many times
a day, just how proud we are of him, he is not perfect, but then who is?  We
praise the positive, and we work out the negative.  Thanks for bringing out
the tears in my eyes... this time for how proud you are of your son!

Judy, mom to Jake, 14, diag at 10, pumping since 8/01
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