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[IPp] Re: Remember to bolus

In a message dated 1/9/03 4:30:25 AM Pacific Standard Time, Ellen writes:

> Psychologist Dr. Rubin said the following, which has stuck with me and made 
> a 
> measurable difference in my relationship with my son:  "When your child 
> tells 
> you that his/her blood glucose level is high, there is one, and only one, 
> response that's appropriate.  THANK YOU FOR CHECKING!"  After that it's all 
> about calmly doing what you can to get the blood glucose level back down to 
> target

That is the approach I use with Claire as well.  She developed DM when she 
was 2, so basically when bgs were crazy, it was "my fault" and not hers.  But 
I soon realized that her bgs had little correlation with anything measurable. 
 Insulin action was completely erratic and after a few years of this, with no 
help whatsoever from doctors, I found out about insulin pumps. 

      The pump has given her much more stability, but she still has times 
that bgs are crazy, for no reason that we can predict or discern.  Right now 
is such a time, coming off of an early and mid December where bgs were great 
and I had to lower basal rates.  So, given this, I was really angry with my 
hubby last week.  We drove up to our ski hill and after about one hour Claire 
checked her bg.  It was 21.3, which is around 400 or so.  All boluses earlier 
had been appropriate.  My hubby looks at me and her and says in a loud voice, 
"what has she been eating!"  I was furious with him, thought we had given up 
on that viewpoint about 5 years ago!!!
     Every child is different, but I know for my daughter criticism gets me 
nowhere, but praise works wonders.  She is as frustrated as I am by bouncing, 
uncontrollable bgs.  One of my goals is to help her retain her very positive 
attitude toward life, despite the serious health problems she has faced and 
will continue to face (other things in addition to DM).  
     And Ellen, thank you for all the help you have given to parents such as 
me.  I was living in the Uk, feeling very alone, with a child in need of 
major surgery, uncontrollable bgs and no help from doctors who didn't even 
like me giving 3 shots a day and certainly didn't like my idea that she 
needed a 4th one.  I received an e-mail from you with links to all the great 
pumping articles and had them printed off.  Then I determined that I would 
have to move back to Canada to get Claire a pump, before she had any more 
surgery.  (very few pumps in the UK and certainly none that I have ever heard 
about in kids)  I encountered lots of problems getting a willing doctor here, 
but it was certainly worth all the effort. 

Best Wishes,
Barbara, Mum of Claire 8 
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