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[IPp] Remember to bolus

Hi Ellen,
    Have you ever wished you never pressed the "send" button after writing a
    Julie, don't do this.
    You're right Ellen. I guess I went a little to far. Your way of doing
things sound better and I have tried that first.  Like the fact that he was
forgetting to bring his homework and assignment book home everyday for me to
sign. We tried the rewarding if he remembered technique and it did work for
a while.  We made a chart with stars for every day he remembered. He liked
seeing the stars and was proud of them, but then he started reverting back.
The only thing that works now, is the fact that if he forgets, he's not
allowed to go out and play after coming home from school.  That' something
he always looks forward to doing.  He now only forgets his assignment book
    I re read my post (which I should have done before I sent it. It really
sounded harsh) and said I told him this stuff when he got the pump. I
actually told him that when he was  CONTINUALLY forgetting to bolus on the
week ends.  I was at my whit's end and it actually got him to start
remembering. That's why I wrote this to Julie. She was saying her daughter
was forgetting a lot.
    I don't tell Johnny that the pump might be taken away form him every
time he misses a bolus (although it may have sounded like it in my last
post).  Everyone forgets sometimes.  When he's high, I never blame him for
it. We sit down and figure out what the possibilities might be. If we find
out that he hasn't bolused.  I just say, "well I guess that explains it",
but NOT in an accusing tone. He usually just says "opps". and we leave it at
    When Johnny starts 7th grade he'll be totally on his own when it comes
to doing his boluses. I've gotten him the Cadex watch, but he takes it off
all the time.  He doesn't like wearing a watch, so I have tried that.  If
forgetting to bolus does become a problem, I will try the reinforcing way
again first, but if it doesn't work I may remind him that shots are the
alternative to a pump.
Dianne, Mom to Johnny 10
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