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[IPp] Emla


As always, opinions vary.  In Amelia's case, the anxiety of leading up to
a site change while waiting for that Emla to numb was worse than just
getting the site change over with.  We are also needle phobes!  I change
her site while she is sleeping quite often to just give her a break from
the diabetes dragon!

Cheri McCurdy

Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2003 21:07:52 -0600
From: "Diane Massey" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IPp] EMLA

I just glanced at the list and don't follow - so excuse me if I am
comments already made.  When Lauren, now 16, started pumping almost 5
ago, we used EMLA religiously.  Big hassle.  It seems most effective when
on for almost 2 hours on a 1.5" square and a bath taken to wash all
off before inserting the sil.  But it mattered a LOT to both Lauren and
because we were both needle phobes . We really needed it. Gradually, we
off of it - now don't use it at all

But I believe that it is esse! ntial for some, psychologically.  My
is why cause anxiety every 3 days  when EMLA can be used, if needed. It
amazing how it numbs if left on long enough!

Diane Massey, mother of Lauren 16, D since 10, pumping since 11 and Sara,


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