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[IPp] Remember to bolus

Sorry, but this is kind of long.
Hi Julie,
   I know we know each other, but I thought I'd answer you through the IP in
case someone else may want to try this. Others may think I'm terrible,
because this is a white lie, but a white lie for a good cause.
   What I told Johnny when he got the pump is that the insurance company
paid $5,500 for it and they OWN it.  He just has possession of it.  If he
does not show that he's responsible in the way he uses it, they have the
authority to ask for it back.  I told him that he was to take care of it,
that he was to make sure he bolused and that when his A1c was taken, that it
had to be within average range.  I also went on to tell him that the
insurance company checked with his doctor to make sure all this was taking
place on a regular basis.  That's how they monitored whether he could keep
his pump each month. I told him that the pump has a chip in it that records
each time you skip a bolus.  If you skip it too often, that's reason for the
insurance company to take it back. That he wasn't being responsible.  He
hasn't asked me yet how the insurance company knew that he ate something at
a specific time and had to bolus. If he does, I guess I'll tell him that
they look back at his regular eating pattern and flag a gap in time periods
with no bolus. (I know, I'm terrible, but by the time he figures out that
I'm not quite telling the truth, he'll be in the habit of making sure he
boluses when he eats.)
    Right now he has me to remind him at home. When he has lunch or a snack
at school (he's in elementary now), he has to go to the office to take his
blood and a member of the staff oversees that he takes his bolus and the
right amount. They WOULD let him do this in his class, but "I" wanted him to
go to the office for this particular reason.
    If he forgets to bolus at home, I always say, I hope you remember to
bolus when you get into junior high, because you'll no longer be going to
the office to take your blood, you'll be on your own. If you forget too many
times, the insurance company will take away the pump and you'll be back to
    If, when he goes to junior high, this does happen at first, I plan to
write up a letter from the insurance company (you can do a lot on a
computer) stating, "this is a warning letter".  It has come to our attention
that you have been missing too many boluses during the day which results in
high blood sugars.  As per our agreement, should this continue, we will have
no other choice than to take back the pump and you will have to go back on
     I figure that should give him a good scare.
     If he continues to do it. I'll send another letter stating that we are
to return the pump.  Then actually take it away for a day and let him go on
shots for that day.  (It will be just as hard on me though).  I'll only let
it go on for one day and say I spoke to the insurance company and they said
they'd give him a second chance and he could have his pump back.
     If after that, he still continues to do so, the jigs up.
     I just hope it never goes that far.
     Sooooooooo Julie, if you want to make up a "warning letter" from the
insurance company, then explain how they own the pump and she's just allowed
to use it with certain restrictions, maybe she'll make a point of
     Then again, maybe you're not as mean as I am. (I consider it "tough
Dianne, Mom to Johnny 10
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