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Re: [IPp] Paradigm vs Animas vs Quicksets?

> > Here's the deal.    Since our 9th pump failed tonight,  we will most
> > be calling the Animas rep or somebody soon.     If we could get a refund
> > on the pump and switch companies,  which other pump brands are
> > compatible with the Quicksets?
> >
> >
> 9TH!!!  Please tell me were they all MM?  I had one of the girls pumps die
> and I am trying to decide what to do.  Has MM helped you out each time in
> timely fashion?  Do you feel that they are doing the best that they can?
> soon as our pump died, 3 weeks getting it, I called and they were suppose
> send another one out ASAP, took 5 days so I called my insurance company
> told them that I didn't want to deal with them anymore they said fine I
> send them both back and get new ones from another company now where do I
> We had Disetronic, they were good but I wanted to be able to do a square
> wave.  PLEASE let me know these answers since I am making my final
> today!
> Eileen Clarke

When I read the first e-mail, I thought you were talking about the 9th
Animas pump and was shocked!  Now I realize it wasn't the Animas pump that
failed.  We've been using the Animas pump and only had one problem.  It
didn't fail, it just had a little condensation in the window.  They replaced
it and we've never had a problem since.

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