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[IPp] Re: Paradigm vs Animas vs Quicksets?

> Here's the deal.    Since our 9th pump failed tonight,  we will most likely
> be calling the Animas rep or somebody soon.     If we could get a refund
> on the pump and switch companies,  which other pump brands are
> compatible with the Quicksets?
Oh Barbara, another pump failure!  I think that somehow that pump just 
doesn't like you much!!

The Quick-sets with the standard luer lock connections can be used by any of 
the other pumps.  We use the Quick-sets with the H-tron pump.    You would 
have to trade your Paradigm style Quick-sets for the other type. 

Good luck with your switch, or should I say, hopeful switch.  I would think 
that any reputable company would have your money refunded immediately, along 
with compensation for your troubles.  You must be exhausted.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8 
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