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Re: [IPp] Remember to bolus

> I would assume this has been discussed in the past but since I don't
> get on too often I'm going to ask anyway.  My 10 year old daughter
> has been pumping since August, diabetic since 2.  The last month she
> is having a terrible time remembering to bolus after she eats.  Does
> anyone have any "tricks" to help her remember?  Sometimes she swears
> she bolused, but when I look at the history it does not show a bolus
> and her numbers reflect that.  Do you think there is a way that she
> really is bolusing but for some reason it's not happening - a highly
> unlikely event I know, but it's been happening way too often lately
> so I'm searching all options!  Thanks for your help!
Well.... this story has a good and a bad part. The good part is that 
what your daughter is doing is probably forgetting that she has 
diabetes because pump therapy is so "natural" compared to taking 
shots, snacking, etc.... This really is good and indicates a healthy 
outlook on life on her part -- at least she has no hangups about her 
health. You know the bad part :-) .... she forgets to bolus. BTDT 
with Lily.

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